Pigeon masters from across the globe compete in the highest-stakes bird races on the planet. Fame, fortune and livelihoods rest on the wings of these feathered athletes in this hilarious and charming story.

MILLION DOLLAR PIGEONS is a crisp documentary by Irish director Gavin Fitzgerald that takes a semi-humorous look at the rapidly-changing world of pigeon racing. Once the domain of dedicated amateurs, the sport has evolved into a highly competitive, and ridiculously lucrative, global sporting phenomenon. With TIGER KING vibes, we’re introduced to a varied cast of professional pigeon fanciers who breed and race their beloved pigeons, with startlingly mixed results.

For an Irish perspective, we follow the fates of Dubliner, John O’Brien, a likeable odd-jobs man who dreams of race glory and a way out of his never-ending financial woes. John convinces some of his fellow pigeon club members to enter into the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race, the world’s leading pigeon competition. At stake, is millions in prize money. At play, are dozens of cut-throat pigeon fanciers who have built incredible reputations and wealth, from past successes.

Well worth the approx 100min duration, MILLION DOLLAR PIGEONS will teach you more than you never knew you didn’t know about this evolving sport, pairing that with wonderful cinematography and snappy, candid interviews.

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