Nicola Coughlin

When DERRY GIRLS star Nicola Coughlan found out that she’d been cast in Greta Gerwig’s BARBIE movie, it was a childhood dream come true. “I was a huge Barbie fan as a little girl,” the actor tells Vogue ahead of the film’s London premiere. “To even be a tiny part of this movie is incredible.” Given her love for the Mattel character, the film’s costume designer Jacqueline Durran asked Coughlan for her input on what she’d like to wear for her role as Diplomat Barbie. After mentioning that she had a Sparkle Eyes Barbie – who wears a pink and silver dress and has diamonds for eyes – as a girl, Durran recreated the look for the actor. “I felt like I was a little kid again,” Coughlan says of her look for the film. “It’s a huge Hollywood movie – I never expected [Jacqueline] to ask my opinion on it.”

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