An Irish Goodbye

Belfast-born film director Ross White has said he is “excited” to unveil his and co-director Tom Berkeley’s follow-up to their Oscar-winning short AN IRISH GOODBYE, as the first trailer for the next and final short project, THE GOLDEN WEST is released. The short film’s plot, which was previously kept under wraps until now will follow two warring Irish sisters in 1849 having fled the Irish Famine, searching for gold in the mountains of north Wales. But with winter approaching and nothing to show for their efforts, their age-old feud soon threatens to become deadly.

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Martin to be honoured by UU

An Irish Goodbye

Belfast actor James Martin is among the latest number of inspiring and accomplished Northern Ireland people to be made honorary graduates of Ulster University. James is the first person with Down’s Syndrome to win an Oscar and Ulster University hosted him recently on the Belfast campus during President Joe Biden’s visit, during which he received a special mention from the President who said he was going to “brag to his daughter about meeting James”.

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