Clare Dunne in WITNESS No.3

Clare Dunne discusses her starring role in the Ireland-shot thriller, WITNESS No.3. In her role as Detective Whelan, she is in charge of young mother Jodie (Nina Toussaint-White), who witnesses a killer and his victim moments before he is murdered. Jodie comes forward following a police appeal, unaware how the decision will endanger her own life. WITNESS No.3 is on Wednesdays at 9pm on Virgin Media More.

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Irish Television

Dunne on Kin Season 2

The television series KIN is one of the most internationally acclaimed Irish shows in recent memory (alongside the hilarious comedy DERRY GIRLS), in no small part because of its incredible onscreen talent. The most surprising star of Kin, though, is Clare Dunne. Dunne plays Amanda Kinsella, who begins the show as a put-upon and caring mother struggling to raise her children Jamie and Anthony safely while her husband’s family runs a crime empire in Ireland and stumbles into a gang war.

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