Dunford in THE DRY

The Irish relationship with alcohol is explored in THE DRY, a wickedly dark, funny and revealing new series centred around one colourful Irish family. Moe Dunford, who signed up after reading dramatist Nancy Harris’s witty, pithy script has stated “One of the most honest, truest pieces of writing I’ve seen come out of Ireland”.

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Dunford in NIGHTRIDE

Moe Dunford’s new movie NIGHTRIDE is currently streaming on Netflix. Set over the course of one night in Belfast, NIGHTRIDE was shot in a real-time, one-shot style, giving it a sense of urgency and immediacy and follows a drug dealer as he attempts to go straight – by pulling off one last big job – in this captivating, immersive thriller.

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Moe Dunford in NIGHTRIDE

Award-winning Irish actor Moe Dunford is back in two new films this spring – the crime land thriller NIGHTRIDE. Not many stories about personal redemption are set in Belfast, especially not ones about former drug dealers looking to go straight. Belfast isn’t a place that we readily associate with second chances and certainly not when it comes to film – until now, that is.

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