Domhnall Gleeson

The trailer for Domhnall Gleeson’s new film WHITE HOUSE PLUMBERS is here. The five-episode HBO limited series explores the story of E. Howard Hunt, played by Woody Harrelson, and G. Gordon Liddy, played by Justin Theroux, who orchestrated the Watergate burglary that led to the demise of Richard Nixon’s presidency. Gleeson will portray the brilliant, and ambitious White House Counsel, John Dean.

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Domhnall Gleeson in THE PATIENT

Domhnall Gleeson

THE PATIENT concludes the only way possible: With Domhnall Gleeson strangling Steve Carell to death. After 10 episodes, Gleeson’s character, Sam Fortner—a reticent serial killer with a Kenny Chesney obsession and a day job as a restaurant inspector—reaches the breaking point he was hoping to circumvent. Vanity Fair talked to the actor, whose exciting career has included projects as varied as ABOUT TIME, EX MACHINA and STAR WARS.

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Gleeson on playing THE PATIENT

Domhnall Gleeson has to do a balancing act for the new limited TV series he stars in — delve into the psyche of a serial killer without justifying his behavior. The Irish actor stars as Sam Fortner, a murderer who chains his therapist to the floor in his basement in THE PATIENT an introspective psychological thriller now on Hulu. Sam has just one request of Dr. Alan Strauss, played by Steve Carell: Help me stop murdering people.

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Gleeson in THE PATIENT

Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson will co-star in the new FX thriller THE PATIENT with Steve Carell. In the 10 episode limited series, Steve Carell plays a therapist held hostage by his serial killer patient. According to EW, the psychological thriller will follow shrink Alan Strauss (Carell) as he helps the troubled Sam Fortner (Gleeson) “navigate complex emotions.”

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